World Notes ll by Mevl|t Masalaci

The Beyoglu IFSAK Local Exhibition Hall is all set to start an exhibit by Mevl|t Masalaci, a travel photography artist, World Notes II, with the artist offering his 2nd show after his very first one 2 years ago.

Saying that the exhibit is to share with the people, Masalaci shows forty-one color snaps clicked in several nations like the Netherlands, Spain, Macedonia, Morocco, Nepal, Thailand and Hungary. Masalaci has also clicked almost every parts of Turkey and has also joined several group exhibits.

The exhibit, curated by Murat G|r, at IFSAK opens on 24th January, and it could be visited till 13th February.

Meanwhile, Penny De Los Santos, a US-based National Geographic contributing photographer, explored Dubais culinary underbelly as part of 2nd Dubai Food Fest, along with her snapshots all set to be showcased on 6th Feb, at the Dubai Airport. Some things are more gratifying for long-term Dubai people than smashing vistors perceptions regarding their home.

As food writer, much of that happiness comes from demonstrating people that there is much more to the dining scene of the city than imported chains as well as 5-star hotel buffets. She is doing a lot to exhibit Dubai street food with a thirty work exhibition, commissioned by Dubai Food Festival (scheduled 6th to 28th February).

She has already explored more than seventy five places in the city with a guide, recording the likes of Al Ijaza Cafeteria, Bu Qtair as well as the fish market. According to reports, she told that of all the places she has traveled to across the world, she could honestly told that very few places offer the same diversity as well as range of food as Dubai. The exhibit really scratches the surface of the incredible food scene of Dubai.

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