Shadow light portrait photography – tips for models and photographers, Canon camera settings

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25 Responses to “Shadow light portrait photography – tips for models and photographers, Canon camera settings”

  1. Reji kuryan Says:

    Which lens do you use? Beautiful images

  2. cuahuyolotl1 Says:

    are do you use flash at the foto on minute 1.50 ?

  3. Muhammad Salman Says:

    You are so pretty girl.. and you work superb than you… Love you honey ..

  4. The247th Says:

    I got very distracted. Will need to replay..

  5. novanocool Says:

    You’re so beautiful <3

  6. chelsea pashley Says:

    hiya your videos and great and all, but man you have your boobs out in your

  7. Saqib Khan Says:

    Some interesting tips. But I had a hard time actually paying attention to
    them. The girl is a big distraction. See if you fare better than me. :D

  8. Castiel Diallo Says:

    imogen, its nice to hear a british accent again. (i’m surrounded by
    americans and australians at work). the train station platform photo mark
    took was nice. keep up the good work.

  9. MegaCarlosduque Says:

    hi beautiful, which camera do you use to make your videos

  10. Manuela Garcia Says:

    Which lens do you use? Beautiful images, I love them all !

  11. WeeklyImogen Says:

    could be!

  12. WeeklyImogen Says:

    Hi there. We’re constantly working together and trying new things 🙂

  13. WeeklyImogen Says:

    that’s great – thanks!

  14. WeeklyImogen Says:

    thank you!

  15. CM Photography Says:

    You are lovely and I love your accent! 🙂 Your tips are really helpful for
    a starting photographer like myself.

  16. RewardStoryteller Says:

    lovely tip! nice presentation great Job

  17. DarkstarDarth Says:

    Kate blanchet? O-O

  18. Bruno .Doinel Says:

    Your beauty is beyond reasonable and you made a good work! 🙂

  19. petermoel2 Says:

    Is it possible that ‘shadow light’ is a term used in the UK, known
    elsewhere as ‘open shade’? Besides, love the images. You sitting on that
    kitchen bench is a refreshingly different image.

  20. blue28119 Says:

    Ive just watched 3 of your 50mm videos again as im trying to use 50mm more
    now you both have been the main influence to this. Ive just upgraded my
    nikon 50mm 1.8d lens to the better 1.8 G lens so your tips are very helpful
    to learn from .Love all the videos you do there just terrific

  21. EverythingTech Says:

    I really don’t know what to make of the flickr photos. It’s difficult to
    see the photographer’s vision. Some photographer’s, you just look at their
    photos and it just makes sense, some don’t and you will have to look a bit
    harder to understand just what they were trying to portrait. I don’t see
    the essence in the photos. The models are beautiful, no question about

  22. stickerhappy85 Says:

    i think i’m in love

  23. Daniel Morgan Says:

    In the forst image though, you dont need a tripod other than a flash gun
    set around 1/16th of a second n 1/150 to 250th.

  24. Robert Luna Says:

    Love your vids Imogen, keep up the great work!

  25. Spawn Brimstone Says:

    Oh, I definitely enjoy watching. 🙂