Portrait Photography : Posing for Family Portraits

Portrait Photography Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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| February 8th, 2014 | Posted in Photography |

21 Responses to “Portrait Photography : Posing for Family Portraits”

  1. Lucocido Says:

    Esta familia quedaría perfecta para para posar..y cualquier parecido con la
    realidad es pura coincidencia… jajajaja youtube.com/watch?v=gDuBxDxpyCs

  2. Alejandro Canela Says:

    Thanks !

  3. tiggstah Says:

    @cameraman40 canon. 😉

  4. spacefoodstix Says:

    Thanks for the valuable advice.

  5. tigeramigos Says:

    What year is this?

  6. smiles419A Says:

    Thank you! this helped me! plain and simple 🙂 I get it 🙂

  7. shibbyshaw Says:

    Thank you! It is nice that you share your valuable experience with us!


    Just curious, how did you make out ?

  9. Dennis Allen Says:

    Nice work. Excellent lighting as well as composition.Thanks

  10. John C Says:

    Informative, straight forward video. Great Job!

  11. rajesh singh Says:

    your short video of portraits covers so much in just a few minutes.. really

  12. cameraman40 Says:

    Do you recommend any equipment for a young portrait photographer? Please
    reply sir.

  13. Seanscanon Says:

    How much would a beginner to average photographer sell a set of photos

  14. Rodney White Says:

    Nicely demonstrated.

  15. 1234tracer1234 Says:

    this is a great instructional video on composition thank you!

  16. Simon Burgess Says:

    Great composition explanation. Thanks for posting.

  17. Matt Yarbrough Says:

    I really appreciate your clarity of family portraits. – Thanks

  18. Ricardo Lumpas Says:

    Thanks for the composition tips.

  19. A.I. RAJAN Says:

    Nice, but should try to watch “Totem poling” the heads (ie. one head
    exactly vertical to the other one) like in the first family portrait. The
    tip about the avoiding the horizontal placement of the eyes was helpful.

  20. ron moes Says:

    Sorry ,is not there anything chanched since the 50’s . To static no fun
    factor at all, in this century more powerfull and go to that who those
    people are Portraits is wishfull.

  21. edwardolive Says:

    is the lighting not a little flat?