Photography Tips – How To Use an ND Filter

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: 4 / five

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| June 1st, 2014 | Posted in Photography |

25 Responses to “Photography Tips – How To Use an ND Filter”

  1. AwakenSoul27 Says:

    can nd filter be used to shoot landscape n make the sky darker in a bright
    sunny day?or it will darken i need to buy gradual nd filter
    just for landscape?

  2. Ghost - Ben Clark Says:

    Cheapest but reliable place to get Lee Filters?

  3. Marlon Mangabat Says:

    Great video, Mike! Learned quite a lot from this and excited to view all of
    your videos 🙂

    Quick question, please, why did you have to lock up the mirror? Thank you.

  4. Robert Rosen Says:

    Probably the best video I have seen on ND filters. I think one of the
    things I have been missing is using auto focus first and than setting it to
    manual for the shot.

  5. Andrew Smith Says:

    Can you do a short video on why you need to place blue tak on the



  6. Gig man Says:

    I noticed on a couple of occasions that you didn’t quite push the filter
    all the way into position. This might lead to the light leaking in to your

    Excellent video all the same. I liked the first shot and the last one with
    the flag. 

  7. AmaltheaMoon1 Says:

    With fear of you thinking Im becoming a stalker ….. where is that lovely
    beach with all the beach huts please ? I have a few days off work and I
    think I will go there for a few days. Many thanks (again)

  8. Renberg IV Says:

    Great video. Good explainations and results. Can I please ask what video
    camera was used for this clip and render settings used for youtube? I can’t
    believe how nice and clear this video is even in the auto setting!

  9. Ulf Andersson Says:

    Not a word about rebalancing your white. Nor did the images suggest it to
    be needed (comparison betw. with – without shots) Is your filter truly
    Neutral D, or what? In similar vids this seems to be an issue:” Hey why
    does the filter make the sky look like puke ?” Oh that´s because you need
    to rebalance your white, the answer was, and it was an expensive filter
    they were using. In short: Is there a truly NEUTRAL ND filter for colo(u)r
    photography ?

  10. Adit Ganguly Says:

    What ND filter would you recommend for shooting in bright sunlight? Which
    brand and how many stops? Thanks, and lovely video! 😀 

  11. nolan fleary Says:

    Im having trouble deciding on a camera to buy as a beginner. I really like
    the fujifilm x100, but i keep hearing a dslr would be better for a beginner
    like me. Opinions?

  12. Damian Alleyn Says:

    Hi Mike
    Thanks for the Vid. As a beginner, I am finding your videos of the greatest
    Very informative and simple to understand, Two thumbs up mate. Cheers

  13. AmaltheaMoon1 Says:

    I have a D3100 and when I lock up the mirror it will only close when I
    switch off the camera? Is that me making a mistake, as I can only find a 30
    second maximum shutter speed.

  14. Jose Rivera Says:

    Thank You so much for answering Sir. I truly appreciate your time. 

  15. Arthur78 Says:

    Are you sure you lost your eyecup cover and it’s not attached to the side
    strap? I thought I had lost mine too until I was reading the manual and
    felt silly when I realized it comes attached to the side strap and it’s
    always been there :)

  16. bala krishnan Says:

    Thank u sir .. It was helpfull..

  17. Prashant Patel Says:

    Thank you so much sir, it helped a lot.

  18. Jim L Says:

    still learning here…D3200…Lots to learn!

  19. avon michelle guadalupe Says:

    thanks a lot sir a great video for me. it will help a lot:)

  20. Sylv Darcy Says:

    great video you explain things very well thanks for sharing!

  21. Omar Rodriguez Says:

    What lens are you using? 

  22. Joseph Hall Says:

    hello, i am looking for a universal nd filter where can i find one? here in

  23. avon michelle guadalupe Says:

    hi Sir..what is best filter can i use for portrait photogrpahy? thanks:)

  24. Jose Rivera Says:

    Hello Sir! Thank You so much for sharing this useful and great video. I
    have a question, is there any difference between ND filters and Polarizing
    filters? Do I need to buy both or each one of them is for an specific use?
    Thank You so much for your attention Sir.

  25. adam lee Says:

    mike can i ask what lens you used on this video the wife wants a good lens
    for landscapes etc