One Light Portrait Setup

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| August 22nd, 2013 | Posted in Photography |

25 Responses to “One Light Portrait Setup”

  1. Nicolas TESSIER Says:

    It depends of the distance of your subject with your background. If you look at the video, you’ll see that the subject is not near the background. So the shadow is on the floor.

  2. AF0093 Says:

    With one light set up like this you don’t run the risk of getting shadows on the backdrop for full body shots?

  3. freakshowXES Says:

    very instructive. thanks.

  4. John Vincent Dela Cruz Says:

    1/250 ???

  5. Fefethepilot Aviation Channel & More Says:

    good video

  6. Kory Cavanagh Says:

    Thank you.. the vid was easy ti understand and the animation a big help

  7. Tony Sooty Says:

    Thank you so much, your explanation was pin sharp!

  8. Ned Connolly Says:

    Simple and brilliant

  9. Robert C. Willis Says:

    I’ve just purchased your book,”100% Reliable Flash Photography” and I am pleased and impressed with the ease and simplicity you share your knowledge and insight in an understandable way. Continue your good work.

  10. Adam Cady Says:

    How far should the subject be from the background

  11. zalllon Says:

    Back to basics, nice and simple, and a very quick set up and tear down for location shoots. I actually used this yesterday for a corporate shoot.

  12. Guillermo Abreu Says:

    Great video!

  13. 2011SuperFrank Says:

    Nice video with single light setup. Thanks.

  14. Ian Cocklin Says:

    What a great video, simple and to the point, thank you so much !! 🙂

  15. Bryon Lape Says:

    What did you use for the 3D animation?

  16. Simphiwe Mathunjwa Says:

    Two speedlight photoshoot

  17. plaincircle Says:

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  18. Kevin Anderson Says:

    Thank you for this video!

  19. vinh tu Says:

    Thanks a lot, nice tutorial

  20. Eric Brown Says:

    You are the smartest guy I ever watch on youtube.
    Keep making great video’s.

  21. MrWoodworksfilms Says:

    Brilliant Tutorial, Brilliant! No jargon – just straight to the point. Thank you

  22. Bruce Alvarez Says:

    Nice basic almost common sense tutorial. Loved it. I hate when people over complicate stuff.

  23. Jim mulholland Says:

    Great to see this video, its all explained in simple terms with no models or loud voices, educationally very good, well done

  24. inn0v8tiv Says:

    great tutorial. thank you

  25. readymology putra Says:

    very educated.. cool.. !!!! thx mr ed