Lensbaby Tilt Focus Portrait Photography: Behind the Scenes with Fritz Liedtke

Portrait Photography Online video Ranking: five / five

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| November 15th, 2013 | Posted in Photography |

10 Responses to “Lensbaby Tilt Focus Portrait Photography: Behind the Scenes with Fritz Liedtke”

  1. KEN CHANG Says:
  2. Bruno Tavares Photography Says:

    My lensbaby arrived last Friday. I am still in testing phase with the
    lenses, but I can say that they are exceeding all my expectations. I feel
    renewed photography, these lenses are very good.

  3. Skyesmom Says:

    Is it for fx or dx format? The 80 optics

  4. 123123123cowmoo Says:

    I would love a Lensebaby, maybe I’ll buy one.

  5. 2legit2quitz Says:

    is that single shot at 1:29 from the Edge 80? i would get this lens just
    for that shot, and how does that distort focus both left and right planes?
    or is it two exposures?

  6. Lensbaby Says:

    Hi @2legit2quitz – the images not labeled with lensbaby optic names were
    taken with other lenses. However, the Edge 80 can create an effect similar
    to the shot at 1:29 by tilting the lens. The image was made with one
    exposure – I can’t post links in the comments but if you go to our how to
    video playlist there’s a video that explains this effect with diagrams and
    sample photos. The video is called: “Lensbaby Edge 80: Tilt Photography

  7. Mica GBM Says:

    Passionate photographer + creative lenses = stunning pictures…

  8. Lensbaby Says:

    it will work with both fx and dx formats

  9. Andrzej Meres Says:

    Ciekawe spojrzenie na portret.

  10. Audrey Khuboni Says: