First Look Nikon D810: Photography Tips & Tricks Bonus Episode

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: 4 / five

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| May 6th, 2015 | Posted in Photography |

23 Responses to “First Look Nikon D810: Photography Tips & Tricks Bonus Episode”

  1. andres velez Says:

    Hey RC send me that d800 I’ll be your friend for ever sir…lol

  2. WH Mitty Says:

    RC you not only provided very useful information but you also did a stellar
    job in doing so in a smooth and easy to view manner. Very helpful preview
    video indeed.


    I wonder what Scott Kelby thinks about the D810

  4. mohamed abdel-hady Says:

    am glad i got it after 2 years with the d7000

  5. Mike McDermott Says:

    Getting my D810 tomorrow, can’t wait!!! Currently shooting the D800E, and
    the upgrades looks great. 

  6. Magnus Nordström Says:

    omg! it sounds like a phone….

  7. Tj Holowaychuk Says:

    Isn’t group AF pretty much just 9-point but fewer points with a fancy name?

  8. Brian Todd Says:

    Sounds like a Canon. :)

  9. maghi cat Says:

    It doesn’t do more than 7 fps in dx mode with battery pack w/AAA batts.
    The shutter speed is quieter than the one he has. He got one that techs
    had. It did not come out of D810 box. It was wrapped in plastic. It
    trashes the Canon 5D Mk III. In every way – Canon Drools – Nikon Rules

  10. Epoca Libera Says:

    I am disappointed with D810 because it is not capable of shooting true Full
    Frame video like 5D3 does. During the so called by Nikon “FX-based movie
    format” a narrower field of view (not only in the height for obtaining the
    16:9 but also in the width) of the lens will be used by D810 for the video.
    This is a very important disadvantage.

  11. stefan adavichira Says:

    between the nikon d810 and the canon 5d mark 3 witch one is the sharper
    please for taking photos 

  12. kathleen sugondo Says:

    i have the d810..and i have trouble shooting timelapse/interval timer..i
    cant press/able the timlapse and interval shooting mode.can u guys help?

  13. obayed haque Says:

    RC, thanks for the mini-review of Nikon D810. It’s a fantastic camera

    I was wondering, why not you do a review on ground breaking “innovation”
    Sony a7r or a7s? Deal on, right? Much thanks in advance :)

  14. asilvermountzion1983 Says:

    Mines on the way from Adorama. To be honest, I am pretty disappointed that
    they have noted added features such as GPS and Wifi; for above 3k$, I am
    really aggravated that they don’t give us all the features that are in
    their cheaper cameras.

  15. stefan adavichira Says:

    i have a question please i own a sigma 100-300mm lens canon 5 d mark 2
    mount there is a converter to make it work with the nikon d810 please

  16. mdavidp125 Says:

    Thanks RC. Good presentation !

  17. vasilios dinis Says:

    Thank you for your review. Subscribed! Have a good one.

  18. amtraker Says:

    What is the purpose of having one CF and one SD card slot ? Why not, both
    being one or the other ?

  19. Muhammad Jamil Chaudhry Says:

    BTW there’s no focus peaking.

  20. Arkansas PPA Says:
  21. Richard Briscoe Says:

    I got to briefly play with a D810 last weekend and it would not focus to
    the minimum focusing distance with my 70-200 f/2.8 VRII. I don’t know what
    firmware version it had, but I hope Nikon checks that on the shipping

  22. Kathy Porupski Says:

    Awesome… seriously loving this new camera! Just might have to be my next
    upgrade. :)

  23. raredreamfootage Says:

    I prefer reviews from Philip Bloom because he waits until he uses it for at
    least a month. With first looks, how on earth do you know enough about
    this camera to tell us about it?