5 Minute Portrait Lighting Tutorial: How to Use the Main, Fill, Hair, Background, and Kicker Lights

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| March 8th, 2014 | Posted in Photography |

25 Responses to “5 Minute Portrait Lighting Tutorial: How to Use the Main, Fill, Hair, Background, and Kicker Lights”

  1. Brian Geoghegan Says:

    Fairplay to you Tony you do an absolutely great job of explaining how it
    all works and your model Chelsea is not to bad either I think you’re great
    together I love your book cant leave it down so much to see and do its the
    best book ever 

  2. A MOTO Says:

    I like the way you teach tony 

  3. qki111 Says:

    Great work Tony!

  4. Anthony Barton Says:

    Thanks for the quick tips. Very helpful

  5. Kurt Man Says:

    Excellent and concise, thank you!

  6. Tom Park Says:

    I searched for this video forever, I saw it as I was searching for a
    lighting video to watch and shot past it. It’s a great video to watch and
    learn from. At least I found it again, I will be saving it this time.
    Thanks Tony for all your hard work. 

  7. Luc De Roover Says:

    boring ,my 5 year old pucked aftre 1 minute of this slyme

  8. dgd264 Says:

    Damn… amazing video!!!

  9. BobbyK Liu Says:

    good teach, concise,clear, thanks

  10. Calvin Callender Says:

    Great job on explaining the use of the different lights..

  11. michael palmer Says:

    very useful info give me more more more

  12. Hunter Jackson Says:

    What lighting do you guys use? Profoto? And is the key a beauty dish?

  13. carlos mizhquire Says:

    Tony love your videos but I love Chelsea more can you let her know I said
    hello. And keep up with the great job.

  14. Sanford Shuster Says:

    You advertised the book for $8.95 but when I clicked on Amazon the book was
    listed for $19.99??

  15. Debbie Brendan Says:

    Good stuff, Tony and Chelsea! I really like your guys’ teaching style. I
    got the book “Stunning Digital Photography” and it’s great.

    I tried searching your videos for a basic one that shows how to use a light
    meter (e.g., for each light used in this video…and how each one would
    contribute to the overall lighting strategy). Can you do something like

    Also, I can always chimp hair/background/kicker, but is there a somewhat
    “standard” ratio between the main and the fill? I saw a few other people
    mention 3:1 might be a good place to start for traditional
    portraiture…what say you?


  16. Haydn Allbutt Says:

    Great comparison of the effects of different flashes. I have just set up
    my first studio at home. I have a three flash set up. Can you tell me
    what camera settings you are using? I find I can’t cut out enough light so
    the photos look too washed out. I can’t increase shutter speed since then
    I am out of synch with flashes, I am already stopped down as much as I can
    with iris and am already on lowest ISO but still too bright. I have turned
    flashes down as low as I can get them. All the demonstrations of
    portraiture show where to put your lights but not what settings to use.
    What settings are you using in this video?

  17. Ike Williams Says:

    One of my favorite videos by you two! 

  18. Legally Pumped Says:

    Finally a lighting explanation that makes sense. Well done.

  19. Manasseh Jones Says:

    simple 2 the point

  20. hong phuc Nguyen Says:

    Very good clip on detail of portrait lighting, Thanks for the clip

  21. Dave Gray Says:

    As always, a very nice clear video tutorial. Thanks again! :-)

  22. Victor T Says:

    wish your book was on apples newstand

  23. Dennis Gavarian Says:

    Hey Tony and Chelsea, I really enjoy your videos. I learn alot about studio
    photography from you. I have ordered Stunning photography from Amazon but
    thier out of stock. Keep up the great work.

  24. MrJOSEF1977 Says:

    Thanks, you guys are great..)

  25. Joachim Jäger Says:

    Found your channal today and love it. A lot of very good stuff!
    And let me also say, you two are absolute sympathetic and beautiful!