Photography Tips for Shooting in the City

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Cambridge University Science Festival

Cambridge University Science Festival’s first weekend was marked with photography, art and a murder mystery. Thousands and thousands of visitors clumped to a range of places in and around the city, along with several events free of charge.

At the Shepreth Wildlife Park, the direction was on the structure and pattern of the animal kingdom along with demonstrations on the attraction’s brand new Animal Encounter sessions arranged in Discovery Centre. Photography and art work shops were also arranged.

Head of education, Lainie Bazzoni told that it was a very nice way of introducing kids to form and structure, and they got the scope to draw live animals. They have looked at perspective, light and shadow, and vanishing points. It was important to demonstrate that art forms have a basis in the world on science.

In the meantime, Madingley Hall arranged some murder mystery workshops earlier on Sunday afternoon where participants of all ages used their detective scientific skills to key out the culprits behind a demonic crime. The event would go on till Sunday.

Gareth Brooks is all set to host an outdoor Light Painting Photography event. The event would take place at the Cuerden Valley Park. Gareth is a photographer who specializes in Light Painting as well as Low Light Photography. His snaps have featured in popular publications like Photography for beginners, Chorley Guardian, Lancashire, Photography Monthly as well as several other publications.

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Photography apps for Android

Your Android phone camera device can be anything – whether terrible or exceptional, depending on the device as well as which Android version the device runs on. Luckily, there are whole lot of camera apps that would help you to make the most of the smartphone camera you have no matter it is very good or average. The applications even would serve you to click, edit as well as share snaps.

Camera ZOOM FX application is a must have any Android handset even if your default camera application is very powerful. This app is full of features to serve you click better snaps. It has a stable shot mode that only clicks the snap when your camera is steady to click a very clear snap. Other top features include tap-to-snap, tap-to-focus as well as voice-activated shooting mode. Read the rest of this entry »

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Photo Cuba Workshop

Photography is a form of art that that has come in its own in twenty first century. As a result now more people are getting to know its power and they want to be able to know all the skills to make really exceptional snaps. Photo Cuba Workshop is all set to arrange a Cuba photography workshop. The workshop mixes technical learning along with real life experiences to make unforgettable images clicked forever with the power of imagery.

Trina would teach students different topics starting from sculpting light to composition to capturing the decisive moment as well as visual storytelling. These pragmatic guides would serve as tools to click inspirational snaps of urban and rural part Cuba. The students would also get lectures on traditions, culture and history of Cuba to understand the snaps they click. Read the rest of this entry »

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